A world of flour.

Agugiaro & Figna is today a leading company for the milling of soft wheat.The company was born from the fusion of two historic families of milling art: the Molino Agugiaro founded in 1831 in Curtarolo and the Molino Figna founded in 1874 in Valera. in a specific production.

The mission has always been one: to bring excellent quality flours and semi-finished products all over the world. To achieve this goal, the first step is to respect the raw material.

The investments made over the years allow the company to increase the quality of production thanks to technology, research and innovation. This allows not only to meet the needs of a competitive and constantly evolving market, but also to diversify flour production and significantly increase the storage capacity of finished products.

Tradition, dreams and values ​​have always guided the evolution of the company that represents a unique reality in the panorama of cereal processing. All production facilities are automated and equipped with cutting-edge equipment. This allows you to certify every single phase of the production process. In the three laboratories annexed to the establishments, particularly strict chemical-physical analyzes are carried out which allow optimal quality control. The tests are also based on an esthetic evaluation and on the tasting entrusted to a team of master confectioners, bakers and expert technicians. Fundamental tests to obtain information on the product and verify the achievement of the superior quality standard that Agugiaro & Figna always wants to guarantee to its customers. 


Agugiaro & Figna product lines

The unique range that selects the best flours and semi-finished products dedicated to the pizza...

Our products designed and dedicated to the great artisan tradition of Italian pastry.

A line of carefully selected professional products for pizza professionals.

The range includes high quality flours ideal for making all types of fresh pasta.

The line of professional flours designed for catering professionals.


Our consultants are always at your disposal to offer you all the information regarding products and lines.