Goodness without secrets.

Pastificio Avesani has been producing high quality tortellini and fresh home made pasta since 1951, using two exceptional ingredients: love for tradition and daily passion.

The control of raw materials, the computerized production cycle, the innovative packaging methods, allow an excellent industrial production characterized by constant attention to the details. In this way, Avesani is able to guarantee the best of Italian craftsmanship. Moreover, what enriches and characterizes the industrial production of Avesani is the passion and the typical care of an artisanal production. Every single product is created respecting the principles of tradition. The fresh stuffed pasta, the fresh egg pasta, the potato gnocchi and the gastronomic products satisfy the most refined palates who are looking for the best of Italian cuisine. The top of the range are: Stuffed, Gnocchi, Fresh Egg Pasta and the Bio-Veg Line. Avesani also encourages imagination, offering delicious and original recipes to match with its products. Cooking means enjoying the time and the pleasure of preparing, offering and tasting original dishes for yourself,family and friends.


Avesani product lines

The range that contains a very tasty heart: tortellini, ravioli, tortelloni quadrucci, raviolini, to...

The genuine softness of traditional flavors: potato gnocchi, fresh potato gnocchi and and gnocchetti...

The perfect pasta to retain every sauce: taglietelle, pasta for lasagna, fettuccine, spaghetti and...


Our consultants are always at your disposal to offer you all the information on products and lines.