Our companies

Founded in 1947, the company is now successfully managed by the new Generation. Quality of raw materials, control of supply chain and respect for nature are the strengths of the company.
Avesani has been producing high quality tortellini and fresh home made pasta since 1951. Tradition and passion are the secret ingredients of these products. An industrial production that seems craftsmanship.
Leader in the production of gnocchi in Italy, has combined a complete range of flour and semi-finished products for gnocchi for professional use and for self-consumption with the possibility of creating customized mixes.
Agugiaro & Figna Molini is a company with 50 years of experience. The group is an Italian leader for milling soft wheat and is characterized by technology, research and innovation.
Steriltom is a company specialized in the production of tomato pulp for the Food Service Industrial sector. Founded in 1934, today it is the largest Italian manufacturer.
The passion and the "secrets" of the trade have been handed down from father to son for over 100 years to obtain a 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil in the name of quality, genuineness and attention.
He combined the centuries-old tradition of vinegar with innovation, diversifying the production from wine vinegar to apple vinegar, from Balsamic Cream to Mostagri, from salts to flavored vinegars.
Founded in 1868 as an artisan food shop, over the course of time the company started the production of sauerkraut, increasing later on the range of products with cucumbers, pickles, olives, and other products in oil.
Leader in the harvest production and distribution of excellent mushrooms. Accuracy in the selection and in the quality of the product, from dried items to the deep-frozen ones, are the keywords that guided the development of the company.
Fumagalli in a family business started more than 100 years ago in Lombardia. The complete system of farm-to-fork supply chain and traceability and the priority of animal welfare are the value pivots on which the company rotates.
Born in the 50s as a farm and buffalo herd in the heart of the province of Caserta. The passion for buffalo mozzarella has always characterized its dairy products.
A model of social economy oriented towards innovation and valorisation of the milk produced by breeders members to obtain cheeses that fully respect the Italian tradition.
The daily commitment is to produce ricotta cheese, respecting the principles of the founder, NONNO Giuseppe. Elda is not just a company, it is a shared and rooted project.
Defendi is a family-run company based in Caravaggio, in the heart of Lombardy. Since 1865 the company has been producing and seasoning high quality PDO cheeses, typical of the local dairy tradition.
Lattebusche has been performing as a modern and innovative productive entity for over 60 years in the dairy industry. Always attentive to respect quality and tradition.
A long story of love and passion for cheese since 1950.The company produces typical Piedmontese cheeses in respect of the environmental and consumers sustainability.
Good butter for over sixty years. A family tradition capable of combining the peculiarities of age-old recipes and innovation represented by new products.
A family-run business focusinf on the production of fresh ready meals (0-4°) of italian gastronomy, such as lasagne, main meals of meat and fish, side dishes, and of traditional regional gastronomy of Veneto, such as Baccalà alla Vicentina, Baccalà mantecato and Sarde in Saor.
Naturello is a leading company in the production of semi-finished vegetables, pesto, sauces and soups for the Retail, Industry and Private Label markets. The roots lie with the experience of the Buratti family.
Since 1932 products characterized by simplicity, taste and sharing of corporate values. Industrial methods for products with an artisan flavor.
"Since 1980, frozen sweet and savoury respecting the family tradition: selection of raw materials, attention in the production processes and customer care are the basis of the company values”.
The love for coffee and one objective: pour in the cup an excellent product able to pass on to all customers the idea of devotion. This is exactly why unique blends have been created over time to satisfy the many tastes and needs.
Alkaline hydration and a healthy lifestyle, respecting the mountains and "green wellness". The offer consists of water, carbonated soft drinks and tea.
Italian company specialized in the production of high-quality battered and breaded frozen products without any added colorings or preservatives and OGM free – fish, vegetables, snacks and finger food.
One of the leading Italian frozen and chilled pizza and snack producers, it combines Italian quality and convenience for the consumer.
Dolcefreddo Moralberti has brought the tradition of Italian artisan pastry to restaurants, remaining faithful to the ancient and original recipes, preserving aromas, flavors and textures.