Tradition in innovation.

The Farm and the Buffalo livestock were born in 1950. The constant growth, the result of the love and passion for the buffalo mozzarella, led the company to become a Dairy farm in 1998, allowing to follow the entire production chain, up to the sale. The headquarters are located in Grazzanise in the heart of the territory of Caserta, historical for breeding and processing of buffalo milk.

In 2001, thanks to the continuous and constant growth in the volumes produced, the company has equipped itself with new innovative machinery, as well as extending the total area of ​​the structure (20,000 square meters of which 4,000 are covered). A new and functional property structure is born. The dairy is enriched with cutting-edge equipment, developing a significant market also abroad.

The production of Mozzarella di Bufala D.o.p. scrupulously follows the production regulations decreed by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. Respecting the rules are added the "secrets" of the trade or the skill and expertise acquired over the years. Current production exceeds 4,000 tons per year with a daily output of over 200 quintals. The production structure is able to respond flexibly to market demands by offering products for the GDO, Ho.Re.Ca., Normal Trade and Industry channels.

This places caseificio coop la contadina among the most modern and functional structures of the entire sector. The project of the company is built on a strong corporate identity founded on the respect and maintenance of tradition and the historical values ​​of the processing of buffalo mozzarella.


Caseificio coop la contadina product lines

Tasty and suitable for every occasion. Ideal for salads.

Rich in flavor to give an extra touch to fast meals and appetizers.

Oval shape, with different weights, but with a unique flavor.

The queen of cheeses: unique and inimitable, which melts in your mouth.

Unique for its braided and dense shape.

Different in shape, but with a genuine taste.

The version for those who need food without lactose.

Ligh and rich in flavour, perfect for those who care about diet.

The long-term solution to always have tasty products.

The line dedicated to large retailers and professionals.


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