Our Chef


Cesare Veronesi, Gardesano born in 1971, is one of the flagships of
Il Buon Gusto Italiano, where he plays the role of executive chef.


His professionalism combines excellence in the culinary field with a deep knowledge of the food & beverage world and the needs of the catering market. With an excellent knowledge at international level, has been working as a chef for several Michelin-starred restaurants, including the Restaurant Café Les Paillotes in Pescara, the Bulgari in Tokyo, the Grand Hotel Badrutt's Paldi St. Morriz and the Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli of Gargnano.

His ability to create extraordinary synergies of taste, maximizing the quality of the products of the Network, has ensured IL BUON GUSTO ITALIANO® to host international guests and visitors during the most important trade shows, offering spectacular showcooking and delicious cuisineoften improvising.

Cesare Veronesi and his brigata work to valorize every single ingredient: his ability to understand in real time the desires and needs of guests, is a talent that transforms each dish into a ' 360 ° sensory satisfaction experience.

The services of the Chef

at Home 

The Chef comes to your home and creates an exclusive and tailor-made menu to satisfy all your tastes from appetizers to desserts. To add spectacularity to the entertainment of your guests the event is in the form of showcooking, with the Chef creating the dish in front of your eyes revealing some tricks of his art and responding to the curiosity. For maximum success of the evening we recommend a maximum of 8 guests!

Unique and exclusive

An exclusive catering service with a wide choice of tasty and unique dishes to give greater importance to the value and values ​​of your company both in small refreshments and business coffee breaks and in events and fairs;

for restaurants and franchised premises

Do you want to open or relaunch a business in the Food & Beverage sector? We offer start-up consultancy services to support you in all phases of your business, from design to menu creation, from the selection and training of personnel to the choice of supplies to raw materials, with careful analysis of the food cost.


Development and study
of new industrial products

Chef Cesare Veronesi, with consolidated experience in the sector, creates and creates new recipes that relate to the industrial world. By following all the steps, from the availability of raw materials to quality control, the goal is to develop highly competitive and innovative products.

Panel Test

With the support of our Chef and the involvement of selected high-level professionals, we organize Panel Test to evaluate the products of companies in order to contribute to their constant improvement.

Panel Test

We offer the opportunity to test the popularity of a product by the public before it is placed on the market. A significant sample of families (200/300) is selected on the entire national territory to which the new products are administered. Feedback received provides important information about possible reception by consumers.