Our company profile

IL BUON GUSTO ITALIANO® is a business network founded in 2016 and composed of twenty-six italian food industry companies representing the excellence of the Made in Italy food heritage.

The network represents a model of business combination based on target transparency with due regard for individuals, sharing ideas, experiences and projects with mutual trust and direct commitment of affiliated companies.

Counting on a wide product portfolio of specialties, IL BUON GUSTO ITALIANO® aims to help the companies part of the network improving their competitive position on international markets, promoting their brands and the high-quality of the products, exploiting and reinforcing synergies at a productive, commercial and distributive level.

Among the advantages of working with us, we offer the possibility of interfacing directly with a single interlocutor, the Export Manager of the Network, in order to receive immediately all the information needed regarding the whole product range and the single companies.

Mission & Vision

IL BUON GUSTO ITALIANO® is a network of people besides being a network of companies. The Network works with mutual trust and know-how sharing among the companies involved. We ask to our entrepreneurs  time and ideas to continue to grow, both in domestic and foreign markets, teaming up. Based on these values IL BUON GUSTO ITALIANO® is committed to promoting the great italian culinary culture abroad, educating foreign customers to recognize and choose the high quality of the authentic Made in Italy products.


Giancarlo Taglia



The Network figures




selected companies 
915 million
of Euros of Total Turnover
international sales share