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"The company was founded in 1932 when Elena and Giovanni Fraccaro founded a bakery within the city the walls of Castelfranco Veneto, where they used to produce bread. In a short time, the bakery became popular for its sweet specialties that, in the immediate post-war period, the family inaugurated a second oven in Borgo Pieve, specialized in the production of fragrant focaccia, panettone and plum cake. Each recipe brings within values such as simplicity, genuineness and sharing, while in each ingredient there is the scent of childhood and the taste of authentic things. The "secret" ingredient is the natural yeast, also called sourdough - Lievito Madre. Sourdough starter is a mixture of flour and water in which the microorganisms live and reproduce. Which feed on the sugars contained in the flour to produce carbon dioxide. This fermentation process makes the dough rise and gives it other superior qualities: it maintains its organoleptic qualities such as fragrance and flavour over time. Other benefits are: the dough is more elastic and malleable; its structure has more volume, better alveolation. The result is a softer cake, with a deeper aroma and taste, easier to digest and metabolize. 

Currently the production Fraccaro Spumadoro offers a great product range: panettone, pandoro, cakes, cakes, dry pastries, doves, snacks, aromas, focacce. Always attentive to new market needs, the company also realised a line of organic, vegan and gluten-free products

The industrialization of production processes has not affected the genuineness of the real flavours of the past. The company has also enriched its method, focusing on "green" processes that exploit renewable energy. Thanks to photovoltaic systems, CO2 emissions have been reduced by 52 tonnes per year. Moreover, the company is currently studying new solutions to make the packaging completely recyclable



Fraccaro Spumadoro product lines

A large and inimitable variety of soft and delicate sweets, empty or with creamy fillings.

Products made of selective ingredients, all strictly from organic farming.

A wide selection of permanent sweet products: genuine flavours, sweet temptations and great...


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