100% Italian milk, local, from your house.

Founded in 1950 in Busche,Belluno, in an area characterized by pristine pastures and with a long tradition in cattle breeding, the company offers high quality dairy products. The climate of the place is characterised by harsh winters, whitewashed by heavy snowfall, and short, cool summers. The current production organization is innovative and works exclusively with local milk, collected daily in the stalls of the 357 members. Located in five production plants, it has 266 employees, 50 agents and 13 direct sales points. Every day the company processes over 3,600hl of milk, producing a wide range of products: High Quality fresh milk, yogurt and fresh or aged cheeses, among which Piave Dop stands out. The company is oriented towards maximum customer satisfaction, in a continuous process of modernization, between tradition and innovation.


Lattebusche product lines

The range of milk and dairy products meets the nutritional needs of the whole family.

Produced according to traditional recipes,ideal for a healthy and light diet.

Genuine cheeses, produced with modern technologies, respecting the dairy tradition.

The aged cheeses represent the best expression of Lattebusche productions.


Our consultants are always at your disposal to offer you all the information regarding products and lines.