Alkaline mineral water.

"The Maniva company was founded in 1998 and, thanks to a rapid evolution, quickly became a nationally consolidated brand, known not only for the organoleptic qualities of its waters, but also because it associates the production process with a strong corporate identity, closely linked to the mountain culture and "green wellbeing." Maniva believes in the value of natural resources, in the benefits of alkaline hydration and in a healthy lifestyle, also involving exercise.

These values ​​support the production of various types of mineral water of mountain origin, drinks and teas that have characteristics in line with the health of the person. The Maniva waters in particular are very alkaline (pH8) and this peculiarity allows the organism to maintain a very natural pH. This characteristic derives from the type of source from which water flows. The source is located in the heart of Mount Maniva, located in the Rhaetian Alps. The substances dissolved in the Maniva water remain unaltered thanks to a production process that never places water in contact with the air during the phase between the source and the bottling.

The water is light, healthy and very balanced. Perfect for everyday use in the family, for newborns and for sportsmen. Over the years, Maniva SpA has established important commercial relationships with the main Italian distribution channels: Large Distribution,, Vending and Door-to-Door. The products include, in addition to water, also carbonated soft drinks and tea. "

Maniva product lines

The range of mineral waters of mountain origin.

Non-alcoholic soft drinks of various tastes, healthy and sparkling, perfect to drink alone or in...


The range of peach and lemon teas that quench the thirst at any time.


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