Easy and genuine straight from the tradition

Italian cuisine requires care and attention in the preparation of each dish. But when the hectic times of our days do not allow it, being able to savor the tradition of Italian ready meals is a necessary luxury to be granted. Lasagne, Cannelloni, Parmigiana, but above all Veneto specialties such as Bacalà Mantecato, alla Vicentina or Sarde in saor, are just some of the pleasures of the table that cannot be missed, especially today.

The pasta producers of the network

A family-run business focusinf on the production of fresh ready meals (0-4°) of italian gastronomy, such as lasagne, main meals of meat and fish, side dishes, and of traditional regional gastronomy of Veneto, such as Baccalà alla Vicentina, Baccalà mantecato and Sarde in Saor.