Founded in 1895 by Regina and Isidoro, whose names combined gave birth to the company's name: REDORO. The company is characterized by its dual nature: on one hand it remains strongly linked to tradition, on the other hand it dynamically points to the market developments. The secret behind the success of this Oil is to be found in the care of quality and compliance with production processes. A recipe handed down from father to son for over 100 years. In the mid 90's, the company turned from a local production company into a national and international reality.

Technologies and production dynamics may change,but the values ​​that guide the company are still the same: quality, genuineness, and love in every small gesture, from the olives cultivation, the second phase is the hand-picked, then the third phase turn the olives into extra virgin olive oil or into delicious products such as paté or other specialties. This strength is closely linked to the family management of the company, typical of the consolidated tradition of the Veronese hills. A management that preserves the knowledge and skills of the tradition and, at the same time, the high quality standard of Veneto extra-virgin olive oil. The company aims to bring in every kitchen in the world the passion, taste and quality of the Redoro experience.


Redoro product lines

The Denomination of Origin that guarantees a product of great value.

Delicate without losing the intensity of the fruity aroma.

An extra virgin olive oil made with fragrant olives of the early harvest .

Produced according to the traditional dictates, with cold extraction of homegrown olives.

Flavored infusions, natural olive creams, grilled vegetables.


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