Tradition has a new story to tell.

Santangiolina represents a model of social economy founded on the network of families of farmers who collect certified quality milk every morning. The values ​​behind this production organization are the love for the territory and for the genuine products, produced in full respect of the Italian tradition: Grana Padano PDO, Taleggio PDO, Quartirolo Lombardo PDO. Alongside these traditional products, Santangiolina offers innovative products paying particular attention to details, through daily checks both on the raw material and on finished product.The company motto "from the stable to the table" becomes a guarantee mark that respects all the rules of the production chain. quality: conservation of the biodiversity of the territory, attention to well-being animals, genuineness of milk and environmental protection. The company's work begins in the stables of breeders. The milk must be good and healthy and must respect specific quality standards, destined to the production of the specific product: drinking milk, traditional cheeses, innovative and appetizing products.

The company's mission is clear: to enhance the quality of the milk given by the breed members through a sustainable management of the entire supply chain and to help improve the future of their companies. Aggregation has always been a model of development for Santangiolina and it is only thanks to the close collaboration that the company obtains cheeses characterized by a strong link with the territory. 


Santangiolina product lines

Appetizing and fresh products to satisfy every palate.

Seasoned cheeses with a rich flavor.


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