A long all-Italian story.

The history of the Sgambaro company is the story of an Italian family. In 1947 Tullio, together with his wife Maria, founded the company, putting into practice the experience as a miller and the entrepreneurial bravery. Production increases and the company grows. The 60s are a very happy moment: the sons Dino and Enzo launch family activity towards the future, absorbing some important Venetian factories.

At the end of the '60s Sgambaro put into practice the brilliant intuition of supporting the milling activity, that of pasta making. The sons of Dino and Enzo invest in an increasingly green production obtaining, first in Italy, the words "100% Italian Durum Wheat" and "Km zero".
The Sgambaro style is increasingly defined based on the best methodologies: bronze drawing and slow drying.

In 2004, the choice of using renewable energy sources, the start of a production of organic Italian durum wheat plus a production of spelled and kamut® based, reinforce the company philosophy aimed at intensifying, day by day, the commitment to environmental sustainability.

In 2014 the production process is enhanced with the analysis of the product life cycle. Sgambaro ranks among the most virtuous in Italy. The objective of reducing pollution is achieved through two joint actions: investing in electric cars and fully compensating emissions on the Sgambaro 500 gr line through the protection of existing forests.

Today the Sgambaro Yellow label is one of the the lowest environmental impact pasta in Italy. This sustainable pasta has obtained the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification, an environmental product declaration of international value, created in Sweden by the International EPD Consortium and verified by the CSQA certification body. Knowing the EPD of a product can help the consumer to move towards an eco-sustainable choice. The environmental impact of the sustainable pasta Sgambaro Etichetta Gialla was calculated using the "Life Cycle Assessment" method (Life Cycle Assessement, LCA).


Sgambaro product lines

Long and short pasta slowly dried bronze extruded to be seasoned as desired.

A range of  organic pasta made with whole wheat, spelt, quinoa and Kamut®.

The offer that satisfies the restaurant with the range of durum wheat, organic and whole wheat.

Many types of semolina pasta for a unique taste: long, short pasta, nests and soups.


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