Delicacies on the table to combine each meal with taste.

The delicacies that bring color and joy to the table. Whether it is olives, cucumbers, sauerkraut or small onions. Just the thought is enough appetite. They start the dance when in banquets, an irresistible treat to which it is impossible to say no. For many, pickled can even be a single dish and in many cases it is so, either during fancy or rustic aperitifs. They are like cherries: one leads to another. However, unlike cherries they offer a wider range of flavours. Funghetti, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, fillet eggplants: perfect for seasoning pizzas and piadinas. Not to mention the garden salad and the other pickled meant for cold rice dressing. The green of the peas and cucumbers, the red of the peppers, the yellow of the corn, the orange of the carrots, the black of the olives: a feast of colours that turn the cold dishes of the summer into a happy and tasty meal. Among these products, the sauerkraut stands out; delicious to be served as a vegetable along with meat and wurstel dishes. However, onions remain the most requested: from the sweet and red Tropea variety, to the dark Borettane, from the white variety until the aromatized ones in Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI. For every palate, a unique delicacy.  

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Founded in 1868 as an artisan food shop, over the course of time the company started the production of sauerkraut, increasing later on the range of products with cucumbers, pickles, olives, and other products in oil.

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