Water, wines and beers of Italian production.

A Water rich in organoleptic qualities for alkaline hydration and a healthy lifestyle. 

The waters that are part of the network look at people's health and well-being and are the basic ingredient for other drinks, such as soft beverage and tea. 

Quite alkaline (Ph8), they allow the body to maintain a very natural Ph.   

This characteristic derives from the type of source from which water flows

The substances dissolved in the water remain unaltered thanks to a production process that never places water in contact with the air during the phase between the source and the bottling. The water is light, healthy and very balanced. Perfect for everyday use in the family, for newborns and for sportsmen.

The pasta producers of the network

Alkaline hydration and a healthy lifestyle, respecting the mountains and "green wellness". The offer consists of water, carbonated soft drinks and tea.