The best of organic food products.

Being always in line with the needs of the market is a priority for all companies that are part of the IL BUON GUSTO ITALIANO® Network. Responding to consumer demands and new eating habits is a challenge that every day leads to research and development of innovative products and processes. Organic is all that encompasses the essential qualities required by a client, increasingly careful about what to eat and what to bring to the table for the family. Our companies are committed every day to guarantee eco-sustainable processes able to offer green products made without using chemical substances. The “100% natural” and “0 Km” have become two essential values to protect, promote and increase. The range of organic products represented by our network :pasta, oil, butter, sauces and desserts.

The pasta producers of the network

Founded in 1947, the company is now successfully managed by the new Generation. Quality of raw materials, control of supply chain and respect for nature are the strengths of the company.
The passion and the "secrets" of the trade have been handed down from father to son for over 100 years to obtain a 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil in the name of quality, genuineness and attention.
Defendi is a family-run company based in Caravaggio, in the heart of Lombardy. Since 1865 the company has been producing and seasoning high quality PDO cheeses, typical of the local dairy tradition.
Good butter for over sixty years. A family tradition capable of combining the peculiarities of age-old recipes and innovation represented by new products.
Naturello is a leading company in the production of semi-finished vegetables, pesto, sauces and soups for the Retail, Industry and Private Label markets. The roots lie with the experience of the Buratti family.