The extra touch to make your dishes unique.

If pasta is the diva on the stage, pesto and sauces are the orchestra that plays for her. Rich and tasty are able to make special one of the Italian dishes par excellence. 

The sauces offered by IL BUON GUSTO ITALIANO® are characterized by three elements: quality, freshness and short supply chain. This is the real winning recipe that makes the products of our network  incomparable. From the fragrant and intense Genovese pesto, to the rich Mediterranean Sicilian sauce. From the unique taste of the Amatriciana sauce to the classic Carbonara sauce, up to Bolognese sauce. A wide offer that highlights the range of the most particular flavors such as truffle sauce, pesto Rosso and the Five Cheese sauce.

In order to obtain good and healthy sauces it is necessary to cultivate the raw materials in the best way. Vegetables need to be appropriately treated from sowing to harvest and, and then also in the last two phases: packaging and shipping. Each step of the supply chain is taken care in details and complies with the regulations. The passion, the curiosity, the desire to experiment, while preserving the tradition, are plus that are combined with technological innovation and the rules established for the protection of the health of the final consumer. The proposal of our network does not focus only on sauces. 
It also includes one of the most popular raw materials: tomato. The tomato pulp and peeled sauces are simple, but absolutely able to give an edge to the pasta. The classic tomato sauce, enriched with very fragrant Italian sauteed vegetables, brings genuineness and joy to the table, marrying perfectly with any type of pasta: short, long, egg pasta. 

Dalla Liguria alla Sicilia, dal Centro Italia alle Dolomiti. Con i sughi della Rete IL BUON GUSTO ITALIANO® tutta l’Italia è racchiusa in un’offerta di sughi unici e saporiti.

The pasta producers of the network

Steriltom is a company specialized in the production of tomato pulp for the Food Service Industrial sector. Founded in 1934, today it is the largest Italian manufacturer.
Naturello is a leading company in the production of semi-finished vegetables, pesto, sauces and soups for the Retail, Industry and Private Label markets. The roots lie with the experience of the Buratti family.