Only the best quality to bring true Italian pasta to your table.

If you say pasta, you say Italy. The queen of italian food tradition, brought to the table after a careful selection of the best durum wheat and two really special ingredients: love for cooking and daily passion. The companies of IL BUON GUSTO ITALIANO® are well known in international markets and characterized by innovative and industrial production methods, still tasting handcrafted.

Production processes are increasingly characterized by a particular attention to the environment. A constant commitment certified by the recognition "Km 0" that guarantees the effort made in reducing CO2 emissions.


Sgambaro products arrive on our tables after a bronze drawing and slow drying. The company has also chosen to use only renewable energy sources, introducing also an organic Italian durum wheat production based on spelt and kamut®

The same qualitative research is expressed by Avesani, a renowned brand in the production of filled fresh pasta, egg pasta, gnocchi and a range of gastronomic products. The company based in Veneto, as the previous one, is very attentive to the raw materials, the computerization of the production cycle and also to packaging innovation methods.The goal of meeting the current needs of the markets has also led to the development of organic and vegan product lines.

The pasta producers of the network

Founded in 1947, the company is now successfully managed by the new Generation. Quality of raw materials, control of supply chain and respect for nature are the strengths of the company.
Avesani has been producing high quality tortellini and fresh home made pasta since 1951. Tradition and passion are the secret ingredients of these products. An industrial production that seems craftsmanship.
Leader in the production of gnocchi in Italy, has combined a complete range of flour and semi-finished products for gnocchi for professional use and for self-consumption with the possibility of creating customized mixes.