A range of flour for bread, pizza and desserts.

You can't have quality bakery products if you don't start from an excellent raw material. The flours that we offer represent the best obtained by grinding carefully selected soft wheat. 
Top quality flours obtained by choosing the finest grains from the best crops. Pasta, bread, pizza, sweets. Inevitable on Italian tables, gives a unique flavor to everyday life or special occasions. The secret is the respect for the raw materials and production rules established to guarantee the best product possibile. Agugiaro & Figna is the Italian leader for the grinding of soft wheat, and it's part of our business network.

Its mission is to bring excellent quality flours and semi-finished products all over the world.

Tradition, dreams and values ​​are combined with production processes that favor scrupulous chemical-physical analysis to obtain optimal quality control. The tests carried out highlight aesthetic assessment and tasting data thanks to teams of master confectioners, bakers and expert technicians.The range of products includes high quality flours for professional used in pizzerias, bakery and confectionery. The offer is also characterized by organic flour, semi-finished and adjuvants.

Modern technologies allow the Parma brand to produce both classic and organic flours.

The pasta producers of the network

Agugiaro & Figna Molini is a company with 50 years of experience. The group is an Italian leader for milling soft wheat and is characterized by technology, research and innovation.

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