All the sweetness and flavour of Italian cold cuts: unique and inimitable.

Tasty as a starter, ideal for filling a sandwich, perfect as a single meal. The range of cured meats recommended by the IL BUON GUSTO ITALIANO® network represent the excellence and tasty italian tradition. Produced according to tradition, in order to bring to the table the right balance between taste and lightness in full respect of the denominations of protected origin. The territory is a full-fledged ingredient. However, high quality raw materials are not enough to produce the best specialties.There is also need of wisdom, especially from the people who generation after generation, have been working to keep the traditional taste. A set of techniques, maybe "secrets", love and passion. This know-how is to be found in the heart of the Emilia region, for centuries renowned for the production of the real sweet raw ham.

The range of products of the Network includes the italian specialties such as raw, cooked, natural, smoked or flavored hams, mortadella, pancetta, salami and speck.  The production chain provides different processes but also characterized by common elements such as attention  to each phase, rigorous application of the ancient meat processing techniques and the passion for a century-aged experience.

Other values are honesty, trust and committment. At the center, at any moment, remains the final consumer. 

The faces have changed, but the taste of genuine things is still the same. 

The pasta producers of the network

Fumagalli in a family business started more than 100 years ago in Lombardia. The complete system of farm-to-fork supply chain and traceability and the priority of animal welfare are the value pivots on which the company rotates.

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