Our cheese and dairy offer carefully selected.

"Tasty, light, seasoned, fresh. The variety that makes each territory of the Belpaese precious and unique. The cheeses produced by the companies of our network represent the Italian pride of the dairy tradition. Good to eat as a single dish or even accompanied by an excellent honey or homemade jams, are perfect to conclude meals. Ideal to be served as an aperitif on a cutting board, during the most elegant occasions, never disappoint at home or in professional catering. Always ready to eat, even in those occasions of conviviality that arise all of a sudden.

In the intense flavour of Gorgonzola or in the delicate Ricotta there is a common ingredient: the love for tradition and the desire to satisfy the demands of a market that always requires genuine and tasty products even when changing tastes. The secret behind healthy and gratifying flavours lie in the attention to the raw material par excellence: milk. Feeding and caring for healthy livestock means bringing healthy dairy products to the table and suitable for all types of diet and age. The new eating habits have also led to innovative production processes aimed at the full satisfaction of the final consumer. The same care in full respect of tradition and innovation also lie in the wide range of butter, promoted by our network. Perfect to spread on a slice of bread at breakfast or to give flavours and smoothness to main and second course."

The pasta producers of the network

Born in the 50s as a farm and buffalo herd in the heart of the province of Caserta. The passion for buffalo mozzarella has always characterized its dairy products.
A model of social economy oriented towards innovation and valorisation of the milk produced by breeders members to obtain cheeses that fully respect the Italian tradition.
The daily commitment is to produce ricotta cheese, respecting the principles of the founder, NONNO Giuseppe. Elda is not just a company, it is a shared and rooted project.
Defendi is a family-run company based in Caravaggio, in the heart of Lombardy. Since 1865 the company has been producing and seasoning high quality PDO cheeses, typical of the local dairy tradition.
Lattebusche has been performing as a modern and innovative productive entity for over 60 years in the dairy industry. Always attentive to respect quality and tradition.
A long story of love and passion for cheese since 1950.The company produces typical Piedmontese cheeses in respect of the environmental and consumers sustainability.
Good butter for over sixty years. A family tradition capable of combining the peculiarities of age-old recipes and innovation represented by new products.