What is a business network?

The Network represents a juridical-economic instrument of cooperation between companies that, through the signing of a contract (called "Network Contract"), mutually undertake, in implementation of a common program, to collaborate in forms and areas related to their own activities, exchanging information and / or services of an industrial, commercial, technical or technological nature and / or creating certain activities related to the object of each company.

What is a Network Contract?

The network contract is a legal instrument necessary to implement a business network. Companies are committed to:



- Decreto legge 5/2009 convertito in legge 33/2009 e modificato con legge 99/2009
- Decreto legge 78/2010 convertito in legge 122/2010
- Decreto legge 83/2012 convertito in legge 134/2012
- Decreto legge 179/2012 convertito in legge 221/2012
- Legge 154/2016

  • Collaborate within the respective companies.
  • Exchange know-how or industrial, commercial and technological performances.
  • Practice business activity jointly.


Network Contracts - some figures 

Companies that have entered into a network contract, divided by region.


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