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The history of Zuccato began 150 years ago, in 1868 in Caltrano, a small town in the province of Vicenza.

Everything starts in a shop, a simple grocery store, in which the founder Federico Zuccato has the intuition to start selling sauerkraut, a food product that at the time was widespread in the eating habits of the population of Altopiano di Asiago. 
For the enterprise of Federico, 1898 is a crucial year: bad weather is raging, putting most of the production of fruit and vegetable crops in the area in crisis. Thanks to the effective preservation method in the typical wooden loaves, it is only the sauerkraut that in that "annus horribilis" become in fact the only vegetable available on the market. For Zuccato, who is ready to meet the great demand is a success. The business grows exponentially, intensifying production and distribution. At the beginning of the twentieth century the company controls 100% of the production chain and therefore holds the maximum control over the quality of the product.
Not even the First World War that devastates the lands of Vicenza, manages to stop the business.
In the '30s Zuccato is among the first industrial companies in Veneto to equip itself with motorized machinery.

The company continues to invest in the quality of raw materials and technological innovation.
The successors of Federico, Giustiniano, Battista and Rinaldo prove to be true pioneers capable of transforming a poor food of the rural tradition into a tasty and delicious vegetable to be consumed all year round. 
After the Second World War, despite the difficult period, the company starts off again, producing and investing. Starting from the 80s, the advent of automated technologies allows the production of a new range of products: cucumbers, pickles, olives, products in oil.

At the beginning of the 90s, the company inaugurated a new quality policy, subsequently integrated with the criteria of continuous improvement of environmental performance.


Zuccato product lines

For over a century they have been the protagonists of the product range.

Sweet and sour and under white wine vinegar to eat like this or to season the dishes.

Inimitable, perfect for any occasion, slightly salty and with a crunchy consistency.

Quality, variety of vegetables, slightly salty taste and with balanced colors.

A really wide range of onions for all tastes.

From artichokes to aubergines. Many products, a unique taste.

They are the ideal condiment for pasta, salad, sandwiches and main courses.

Delicious and valuable product very appreciated in international cuisine.

Crunchy peppers. Also present in spicy or bittersweet versions.

Rich in taste and color. With peppers, onions and tomato paste.

Typical yellow baby corns.

Cooked, peeled and cut into wavy slices with their sweet taste.

Slices of turnip left to macerate in the wine marc.

A seasoning with a balanced and delicate taste to season many dishes.

Kren sauce and green sauce to give liveliness to dishes.

A wide range of ready sauces with inimitable taste.

Good more than bread. Ideal to spread or to season dishes.

Red or green. One of the most popular Italian specialties.


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